WATCH: 10 Movie Trailers Released At Comic Con 2016

BY Ishita Kapai | PUBLISHED: 24 July 2016

Sunday is funday? No its Comic Con day! That is certainly true for today.

The ongoing festival of Comic Con San Diego has provided a platform to a plethora of media houses to release the trailers of the upcoming projects! You name the franchise and its there on the stage of the gala event- Justice League, Dr Strange, Suicide Squad, Arrow and more are a few to begin with.

Let’s quickly browse through some of the trailers that made their way to the pulic through Comic Con 2016:

Justice League

The bad guys are coming and Batman aka Ben Affleck has to put out more warriors. Join him in his search for a team!

Suicide Squad

Will Smith is back with his own squad of Superheroes. Check it out:

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Behold Fellows! The famed knight Aka Charlie Hunman is here! It’s not a typical story on King Arthur, it explores the unexplored terrains.

Wonder Woman

Starring Gal Gadot As Diana Prince, ‘Wonder woman’ is going to be the first major adaptation where in a female superhero saves the world from agony.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Are you a fan of Harry Potter series? This might interest you. ‘Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them’ is an adaptation of J.K Rowling’s nevel written in 2001 that will partake you to yet another magical journey of imaginary creatures.

The LEGO Batman Movie

We’ve seen Batman dominate the silverscreen a gazillion  number of times yet this movie is going to be different. Probably, the fact that it isnt going to be human will add a new flavor to the story.  This short animated film on batman will surely win the hearts of millions all across the world.

Kong: Skull Island

This Monster action adventure movie will transport you to a time before the evolution of mankind, when Earth was home to weird creatures! Watch Tom Hiddleston’s journey to the world ‘where they dont belong’.

Blair Witch

Instead of cliche horror film, it is based on a past footage found in the modern times that eventually gives birth to a horror drama that unfolds the events of the past!

Doctor Strange

A benedict Cumberbatch film, ‘Doctor Strange’ is a tale of a fictional superhero who ‘thinks he knows how the world works’. However, the reality he knows is one of many!

Arrow Season 5

Amidst all themovies. another trailer made its way to the san Diego stage. Its none other than ‘Arrow’. The trailer for the latest season has been unveiled and its looks promising! Check it out.

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