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Two Short Films On Hip Hop Music In The Dharavi Slums

BY Abhishek Mathur | PUBLISHED: 2 August 2017

Wherever there is struggle, music is born. Throughout history music has been a way to overcome oppression and transcend difficulties.

Here are two extraordinary films on Hip Hop music in the Dharavi slums of Mumbai. Hip Hop music originated in poor African American neighbourhoods and was much more than just a musical movement. The culture of hip hop is not just rapping to beats, but also the ‘b boy dancing’ – it is a way one carries themselves.

These films look at the Indian version of this phenomenon in one of the most congested and difficult places to live in the world. The films are titled ‘Dharavi Hustle’ and ‘The SlumGods of Mumbai : Hope, Hip Hop and the Dharavi Way’


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