TV Channels, Stop Saying This Is “Bengaluru’s Shame”

BY Abhishek Choudhary | PUBLISHED: 5 January 2017

Sandhya Menon writes in NDTV, an English news channel had this emblazoned across the top of the screen: “Bengaluru Shamed Again.” I switched channels. Similar headline. This was the second time in about as many days that I was seeing “shame” and “Bengaluru” used in the same sentence. Almost every channel reporting on these two incidents of molestation in Bangalore has the same take: loud, melodramatic and tacky. That, somehow, the city and its citizens have been shamed. What a stupid, thoughtless and typically Indian response to a women’s safety story. Shame is inherently about how you are seen and perceived.

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Source - Sandhya Menon / NDTV