Remembering Rick Wright : Pink Floyd’s keyboard player who was born today.

BY Abhishek Mathur | PUBLISHED: 27 July 2016

The limelight in British band Pink Floyd was mostly focused on Roger Waters and David Gilmour. If you were an old Floyd fan, you knew about the semi ‘mythological’ Syd Barret. But an equally important member who contributed immensely to the Floyd sound was their keyboard player Richard ‘Rick’ Wright. From his jazz influenced piano playing to the huge organ washes in unforgettable tunes like ‘Great Gig in the Sky’ and later the futuristic electronica in albums like ‘Animals’ .. Rick was a key element in the band.

Rick passed away in 2008, ending the dream Floyd fans had of a re-union amongst the estranged band members (although they did do that one last performance together at Live 8).

Here are some of the Floyd songs with Rick at the fore.

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27 July 2016