Fifth Column: Change At Last?

BY Edit Platter Desk | PUBLISHED: 8 January 2017

Tavleen Singh writes in The Indian Express in the 30 years that this column has existed, I have made a sincere attempt in the first column of a new year to write about good news. This time the Prime Minister’s determination to drag India kicking, screaming and queuing into the digital age has made this quite harda surreal quality has snuck into our lives, we see the Prime Minister give rousing speeches in poll-bound states about our phones and thumbs replacing banks and currency. And on the same day newspaper front pages report mass molestation of young women in our most digital city. Add to this our daily dose of rape, brutality and stories of girls from Adivasi backwaters sold into slavery in India’s capital, and it is difficult to come up with good cheer.

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Source - Tavleen Singh / The Indian Express