Born Today : Slash

BY Abhishek Mathur | PUBLISHED: 21 July 2016

The famous guitar player who’s real name is Soul Hudson, turns 51 today. Slash shot to fame with the band Guns N Roses, the leaders of a wave of acts that began emerging out of the LA scene in the late 80’s. He would go on to become one of the most iconic lead guitarists in Rock n Roll history. His opening riff for the song ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ was voted as the greatest riff of all time in a worldwide poll conducted by Sky Arts. After splitting with the band in 1996, Slash built a successful solo career and formed other bands like ‘Slash’s Snakepit’, ‘Velvet Revolver’ and ‘Slash feat Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators’. Earlier this year, Guns N Roses fans were delighted to hear that Slash was re-uniting with the original line up of the band that shot him to fame.

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21 July 2016