How Blind Bhakts Can Actually Hurt India’s Democracy

BY Abhishek Choudhary | PUBLISHED: 8 January 2017

Chetan Bhagat writes in The Times of India, love does get disturbing when hardcore Modi fans place the individual above the institutions that make India. The interplay of the ruling party, opposition and a free media is essential for our democracy. An emergency means all those vital aspects of India are gone. It makes our country vulnerable to huge abuse of power. I have little sympathy for elitists, fake liberals and blind Modi haters. They are harmless for the most part. However, blind supporters are worrisome. If you are a true nationalist, the nation should come before any individual, even if that individual is your favourite leader. Love your leader as much as you want, just not more than India and its hard-earned democracy.

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Source - Chetan Bhagat / The Times of India